Monday, April 6, 2009

Dad's Family

Dad's Family before he met Mom.
Gary's Gma and Gpa Fazio. Emma and Tony(Anthony) Fazio. Taken in the Early 40's

Gary's Gma and Gpa Fazio. Tony and Emma Fazio. Taken in the early80's
Gary's Dad and Mom Glen (Walter Glen) and June( Annabelle June) Sloan Taken in the 40's

Walter Glen Sloan on leave from the Army in front of Fazio home. Taken in the 40's

Gary's Dad and Mom Walter Glen and Annabelle June Sloan Taken in the 70's

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mom's Family Pictures!!

Mom's Family before Dad!
Gary, Corinne, Kathy,Jeff and Brian Sloan Taken 1973

From left to right: Corinne's Gma Virgina Smith, Front Row: Janet, Ada, Gloria, Hardy (Corinne's dad) Taken in the early 1900's
Hardy,Clora, Gordan,Lavonda, Shaunna, and Corinne Smith taken in the 50's
Corinne, Lavonda, Shaunna Smith Taken in the 50's

From Left to Right: Shaunna, Lavonda, Corinne, and (Corinne's Mom) Clora Smith Taken in 2008

From Left to Right:Corinne's Gpa Bart Smith, Clora Smith (Corinne's Mom), Hardy Smith (Corinne's Dad), Virgina Smith (Corinne's Gma) Taken in the 60's

Clora Smith (Corinne's Mom), and Dar Smith (Corinne's Dad's Brother) Taken in 2008
From left to Right: (Corinne's Gpa) Bart Smith, (Corinne's Dad) Hardy Smith, (Corinne's Uncle) Dar Smith Taken in the 50's
Taken in the 60's
Corinne's Gpa and Gma Bart and Virgina Smith Taken in the 50's

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our new blog

Hi everyone.

June did up a new blog for mom and I today.

If you see this let mom and I know so that we know this is working.

We love ya!!!